Our goal is to provide you with a quality home or cottage. A place to escape from the quick paced nervous lifestyle and offer a peace of mind through a habitat close to nature. Wooden buildings offer positive energy, harmony and has been the preferred building material for millenias. In addition, log house offers a chance to create a minimal ecological footprint.

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We care about the quality of our work. During construction we aim to assist you in every step along the way and offer access to our experience and knowledge we have accumulated over decades. Even though construction ends, houses and cottages we build live on with us, so we are ready to help with any questions regarding our houses even after construction.

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It is important for us to build houses that last for generations. A home that could be with us in youth and old age. Where fathers can play with their children and grandchildren. Thanks to our long experience and the timeless traditions of a handcrafted log house, we can offer you just such a home where you can feel safe even in ten or a hundred years.

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Thanks to new technologies, you do not have to give up modern conveniences when choosing a log house. Both heating and sewerage have a high level of automation and require minimal care. Our experienced experts offer you a suitable solution, thanks to which you can forget most of your everyday worries.

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